The Droid war has been going on for years. On one side, Theos.
The company surged to power with its breakthrough AI, now in control of the planet‘s most valuable resources. 
On the other side, The Community, a ragtag rebel group determined to bring Theos down.

Savage Droids is a generative art collection of 8888 droids launched on September 2021.
The collection was created in partnership with Block Block, and it is based around two factions in opposing sides. During the minting process, each owner was able to select what faction they wanted each droid to be part of. As a result 4444 droids where created for each faction.

The Fusion Chamber, available on, allowed holders to upgrade their droids through the use of two main mechanics: Material Transfer and Fusion.

Material transfer was the first mechanic released shortly after launch and allowed users to move materials from one droid to the other, making one stronger and the other one weaker.

Fusion, (The last step before the collection becomes static) allows one droid to be burned in order to improve another. By using this mechanic, owners have reduced the supply of the collection to under 6k droids, creating a more scarce collection while improving their individual assets.


A look at the Droids materials evolution


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