Savage Dogs is a multimedia brand born in the NFT space created by Martin Bekerman, aka Bek. Connected by an overarching universe of stories & characters, it spans across mediums like digital art pieces, graphic novels, and physical collectibles.

About Savage Dogs NFTs:
Each piece that you get is asociated with a unique token. When you get an NFT you own that specific art piece to display in any way you can imagine. You can display it at your house, print it on your T-shirt, or paint it on the hood of your car (if you had such bad taste). Similar to purchasing a traditional piece of art, you are entitled to sell your piece to any third party by transfering ownership of the NFT. 

You don't get commercial rights to the art piece or any IP asociated with it. You don't get to use it as a logo for your company or to sell additional copies of it to someone else. 
Thank you for understanding!

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